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The Georgia Fintech Academy offers events weekly for any student to learn more about fintech and interact with fintech employers. Review our calendar of events, sign-up, and tell your friends. Also, check out the active fintech job listings. If you are in a job currently, consider our professional education offerings from Georgia Tech Professional Education.

Georgia FinTech Academy Spring 2021 Schedule of Events

Please click on the link below to view the Georgia Fintech Academy’s Spring 2021 Schedule of Events

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FinTechU from Georgia Tech is a Georgia Fintech Academy collaboration to support financial services technology courses worldwide.

Launching In April 2021!

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FinTech Career Opportunities

Please click on the link below to view open Fintech Internship/Full-time opportunities sourced by the Georgia FinTech Academy

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Georgia FinTech Academy/FinTech Atlanta Student Project Submission Form

Fintech Companies interested in submitting a Fintech Student Project - please click on the link below

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Georgia FinTech Academy Weekly Podcasts

Georgia Fintech Academy’s Executive Director Tommy Marshall and financial technology students discuss various Fintech related topics with special fintech executive guests. Please click on the link below

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Fintech Society Chapter Charter

Along with taking FinTech Courses and participating in FinTech Academy Events, students have the opportunity to advance their leadership skills and FinTech knowledge by planning and developing a FinTech Society Chapter on their campus. Please click on the link to review chapter guidelines.

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The Georgia Fintech Academy brings together the fintech industry and the University System of Georgia, offering education and training on a wide range of fintech topics and career pathways. The Academy’s structure allows employers to partner with multiple institutions, whether in close proximity or elsewhere in Georgia.


I'm ready to explore my career in fintech.


The Georgia Fintech Academy promotes the formal educational curriculum in financial technology at the institutions of the University System of Georgia and acts as an intermediary between the Fintech industry and the University System of Georgia to inform educational opportunities for students.


The Georgia Fintech Academy helps students find jobs in the 170+ fintech companies that operate in Georgia and beyond. We host weekly events with the fintech companies and conduct at least 4 fintech career fairs per semester.


It’s never too late for a change or to learn new skills. The Georgia Fintech Academy is here to support both professionals wishing to make a career switch to fintech and those seeking to sharpen their knowledge through executive and continuing education programs. Georgia Tech partners with the Georgia Fintech Academy to offer these courses. Enroll now at https://pe.gatech.edu/programs/georgia-fintech-academy


The Georgia Fintech Academy isn’t just advancing curriculum that relies on the latest research—it conducts the research itself. The Academy will play a pivotal role in growing fintech product and technical innovation capability and output by producing a continuous stream of recognizable, valued, and commercially viable innovations.